28th February 2020

Reduce Your Food-Print

How Season can help your business reduce it’s food-print & increase profitability.

What is the actual impact of Food Waste?

We all have a general idea of what Global Change is but are you aware of just how much food waste actually contributes to it?

Food waste generally occurs during production or after purchase

Third largest contributor to Global greenhouse Gas emissions

Generates over a massive 3.3 billion tonnes of CO2 a year

UK is creates 17 million tonnes of CO2 per year (equivalent of taking one in every four cars off the road)

Not  to mention wasting the entire process – time, effort & cost to produce the food

6.2 billion cubic metres of water used to produce 5.3million tonnes of food wasted

More Waste = Less Profit



How can the Food Industry help?

Using simple but effective solutions and linking entire processes within a food company will help the food industry in limiting Global Change. This is the next Digital Revolution!

Season offers “Just In Time” stock management control, real-time visibility of production, handling, warehouse, delivery & selling phases. You can see how much waste is produced, where changes need to be made and put in place quicker more effective processes.

You can trust Datos Professional Solutions expertise to help your food company understand the Digital Revolution, what the benefits are and be a part of creating a better environment together for everyone.