21st May 2021

Season 21.1 major new features for planning your routes

Season 21.1 is now ready for launch with major new features including:

  • Customer Setup, this includes Map buttons on your customers accounts to look them up on Bing Maps as well as saving their map co-ordinates.  Delivery windows have been added as well as dwell time to estimate time required for delivery.  A new table with advanced search features allow you to filter on post codes or a route and make easy modifications.


  • Route Setup allows you to look at the route on a Bing Map and Optimize it.  Optimizing will allow Bing to work out the best delivery route taking into account traffic and delivery windows.  The Route Setup Toolkit has also been enhanced with many new features to help create and manage routes.


  • A seamless integration with the Season Road software makes managing deliveries simple and includes a Driver Manifest, Receipt Collection, Management of Returns and Performance Management.  Routes can be planned up to seven days ahead.


New videos have been developed to demonstrate the powerful features of our new Route Management system.

Video 1 Route Setup:      https://vimeo.com/548445795

Video 2 Route Planning:  https://vimeo.com/548446204

Video 3 Road and POD:  https://vimeo.com/552942635