27th March 2020

Season Online Shop for Home Deliveries – FREE for 6 months

During this COVID 19 pandemic we at Datos are fully aware of the increased demand on food supply companies right now. We would like to remove some of that pressure for you.

That’s why our highly skilled developers have been working extremely hard to help. In doing so they have created the new Home Delivery add on for Season Online Shop which will enable food companies to speed up this high demand service.

We are delighted to announce that Season Online will be FREE along with the new Home Delivery module for the next six months to all Season customers (Season Ver 17 and above) and will be available from the 1st of April 2020.

To setup Season for Home Deliveries please click on the link below and following the instructions:


To operate the Home Deliveries system, first your customer has to register for an account using the App. After that, it is a simple process  to approve the account and send the login details to your customer. Orders are placed online and sent to Season, an order acknowledgement can be automatically sent to your customer.  Orders then go through the normal order confirmation process.  Customers can be phoned to collect money before dispatch or monies can be collected using Season Direct Debits.  It’s simple and easy.


We would also like to highlight that our Route Planner module will be extremely beneficial in conjunction with both Online & Home Delivery to further maximise your company’s home delivery service.

The Route Planner module is currently available on Season version 20. If you are interested in our free 6 months Online & Home Delivery offer or would like to upgrade your Season Software Package please contact us for more information or to request a quote – dmckane@datos.co.uk

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Data Access Worldwide who are providing free licences and a hosting service and helping us to help our customers during this difficult time.

Our aim is to assist essential businesses to remain open whilst allowing your customers to remain in their own safe environment. Therefore keeping everyone safe throughout the entire delivery process.

Stay Safe….use Home Delivery!