21st November 2018

Heaney Meats

Heaney Meats is the largest catering butcher in Ireland. The company is steeped in history which can be traced back to their roots some 300 years to 1704. Company founder Michael Heaney began the association of the Heaney name with top quality meat produce which has been cemented through the generations to todays’ co – directors Shayne and Kenneth Heaney.

Heaney Meats implemented Season as they were struggling to manage their traceability and labelling process. The business is currently using Season GS1 Unique labels and are expected to save in the region of €200k over the next five years.


“We save 3 hours a day as previously trace information was entered manually and products were relabelled as it moved through the business. Now we can complete all these processes with one scan of a pallet, box or product label.” Damian – Intake Manager.

Season runs complete paperless traceability which is incorporated into everyday operations. Recall all trace info in just a few clicks and have operators capture information as an intuitive part of their processes i.e. Goods In, processing etc.

By using Season, Heaney Meats are able to scan their supplier labels at Goods Inwards picking up weights and quantities as well as traceability information, eradicating relabelling of product which is a long time hurdle for companies in the meat industry. This process increases accuracy by reducing input errors.

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