9th August 2018

Kingfisher Brixham

After becoming part of Seafood Holdings Ltd – The UK’s biggest name in fresh fish, Kingfisher turned to Datos and the Season suite, which delivered significant increases in efficiency.

Kingfisher Brixham was founded in 1984 by Nick Summersby after he had successfully started selling fish to local restaurants and hotels directly from Brixham Market.

Renowned for its quality through providing the freshest local fish (where possibly, sustainably sourced), Kingfisher quickly expanded and by the early 1990’s was delivering fresh Brixham Fish as far afield as North Yorkshire and achieved BRC Grade A status for their EEC Approved Depot.

This reputation and rapid growth led, in 2008, to Kingfisher being acquired by Seafood Holdings Limited, the UK’s largest supplier of fresh fish to the catering market.

Becoming part of the UK’s biggest name in the fish industry meant there was a requirement to ensure that systems and processes could seamlessly merge. Kingfisher removed their existing (and expensive) system and turned to Datos and its Season suite to provide a fully integrated business system from tele-sales to invoicing with all factory processes such as stock management, price management and performance reporting built in.

As Nick Bircham-Bardury from Kingfisher explained:

“We needed a system and a company who understood our business and the industry, yet could provide a very cost effective solution whilst maintaining all that was good with our well established processes.”

In March 2013, the process began with Datos getting an intimate understanding of Kingfishers’ systems. Datos quickly worked to tailor their Season Office and Factory software to fit with Kingfisher’s workflow and the way their particular depot works. For example, they developed a unique ‘Live Stock’ system which is based on yields and weights to predict whole fish availability and ensures that they do not under or over sell stock.

Further customisation, product development and testing took place before Kingfisher facilities were fully switched over in July 2010. Nick explains:

“This was a complex project given the need to integrate our existing systems with new systems from Seafood Holdings. We also took time to develop with Datos more functionality meaning that not only had we a system that worked, but we had a system which has much more benefits that the system we took out.

Datos being able to understand our needs was critical. We have been able to make people more accountable, remove the need for paper, improve our reporting, provide audits for customers, live stock updates for our telesales operations and improved efficiency across all operations from the office to the factory floor.

Linking touchscreen PC’s to our existing scales has allowed production operators to process, weigh and record stock information in one single operation, without the need to take stock in and out of our system as was done previously. This has saved us a lot of time and money and the traceability function allows us to help maintain our critical Grade A BRC Rating.

The Datos team have demonstrated a deep understanding of our business and the industry and couldn’t be more helpful – including being able to contact a senior member of their technical team out of hours.

In many ways, this has been a real partnership with ideas for improving our process and efficiency coming both ways, and no matter what problem we have come up with, Datos have been able to bring a solution.”

This partnership approach continues, with the Season suite being installed in 6 Seafood Holdings depots in 12 weeks during the Autumn of 2011.

Nick explained, ” we knew that we needed to introduce the Season software to these locations as it would improve integration and productivity. We estimate that from the day the software is installed, our efficiency increases by 5%. Despite the stresses of such a big job in a short period of time, this upgrade to Season was simple and straight-forward thanks to the team at Datos. They were flexible which is needed as we operate virtually 24 hours per day.”

Datos are now developing more functionality with Kingfisher including ways to further automate the Sales Order Processing and Accounting, improving Customer Relations and a web based ordering system for customers.

Concluding, Nick said “the Season suite of products has provided us with many additional benefits which have improved our business. We have found Datos keen to work in partnership by being flexible, solution centred and ensuring that they deeply understand our business. They really have a solution for every issue.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the Season Suite of Software, please contact us – sales@datos.co.uk