21st November 2018

Mullaghmore Bakery

Mullaghmore Bakery is based in Omagh, Co Tyrone, N.I. They produce a range of traditional Irish breads and cakes to retailers across Tyrone and Fermanagh. Mullaghmore also produce some of the finest artisan baked goods including those products that are just that little bit special.

Mullaghmore implemented Season after a long search to replace their previous faltering system. The business needed a robust and simple system to utilise in their van sales and delivery and within the methods that had already brought the business its success.

Season Online allowed their drivers to complete all their daily operations from the convenience of in-expensive windows tablets, saving the business on costly hardware investments. Patrick Woods of Mullaghmore stated that the business has a better handle on credit control after using the stats they get from Season.

A big plus for Mullaghmore was the data sync ability. As Mullaghmore is situated in an area where 4G connectivity isn’t reliable, getting data back to the office posed a problem for the Mullaghmore team. Datos added a data sync button which allowed the drivers to send the data back to the office over any Wi-Fi network meaning drivers could submit their day’s work from the comfort of their own homes and increasing their efficiency. 

“The guys on the road are used to using docket books but are seeing benefits from moving to tablets with Season Road. They can assemble orders, make changes both at home or before they leave the yard. They are definitely saving time.” (Patrick Woods).

Datos and Season provides Mullaghmore Bakery with more than a system.  “Something that is very important to me and to us as a company is the after sales service and to be honest with Datos, it’s been absolutely excellent. We’ve been on numerous times a day; every day of the week and we get the exact same attitude as if it was the first time we called. It’s never a case of this can’t be done or that can’t be done. The aftersales service has been second to none.” (Patrick Woods).

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